Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oklahoma's Veronica Harjo shines at #JLE6060

Let me set the stage, almost a decade ago, I watched Danielle Gant and Earnesia Williams playing in Virginia Beach for Air Oklahoma in  the 2004 AAU National Championship. Both young ladies would go on to play in the Big 12 at Texas A&M and Texas respectively as well as professionally but I saw they had "it" even back then. That was the start of my watching players from Oklahoma and since I started writing, I have seen several bright young stars from the state that caught my eye and at "The Combine", that trend continued

2018 Veronica Harjo did a little bit of everything, all well throughout the camp. She handles the ball, under pressure, and she showed she could get to the rim almost at will. Once in the paint, she displayed a variety of moves but the main thing is that she knew how to finish and that was either going right at defenders down the middle or attacking from the wing