Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mya Brazille and Cassidy Gardener were everywhere at #JLE6060

Portland's Mya Brazille came down to "The Combine" for a reason and the 2019 star left no question about her drive and ability as she brought it every chance she got. She was explosive, she handled the ball but what I really enjoyed was the intensity she brought on defense because she was simply everywhere

Here she is Celeste Moore ad Myra Gordon after I caught them going over some type of strategy and here she is again with Cassidy Gardener who did some work in the yard herself, get it? Gardner, like Brazille, is from the 2019 class, Mya already has "The Pose" down, Cassidy is working on it.

Gardner is from Washington and did a little bit of everything, good speed and ball-handling skills to go along with a scorer's mentality with deep range, plus she got after it on defense as well. Just so you'll know, The Pose is the positioning of the arm on waist for a GPR picture, Brazille even mastered the double pose in the first picture but both she and Gardener were double trouble