Sunday, March 9, 2014

Girls against guys help close out day two of #JLE6060

Zay Green is one of the top 2018 players in the country and she has shown me so much in the short time I've watched her over the past I guess three seasons

 Not only does she hold the record for most off balance shots made from various angles that  aren't even supposed to be possible, 2018 Zarielle Green was even more amazing as she went against the guys during one on one full court drills at the John Lucas 60/60 Combine. The 6'0 foot Green almost pinned a 6'4 guy's shot on the backboard on the defensive end and on the way back down drained a 15 footer

Taylor Sutton and Tyler Collins, both from Georgia and both from the 2018 were Tip Sheet locks before they put on dazzling ball-handling moves, head fakes and baskets against the guys and let me not forget 2020 Deja Kelly going at the guys and more than holding her own, but after all she is the Tip Sheet queen. Stories, Tip Sheets, simmiaries, same as summaries, all coming over the next few days so be ready because when I bring it to you...............