Monday, March 10, 2014

Colorado trio put in work at #JLE6060

Emily Vaszary

Colorado had three young ladies representing at the John Lucas 60/60 Combine and they not only competed and put in work, they also showed they could handle their own and get the job done. Emily Vaszar, Mia Needles and Ashley Panem are all from the the 2018 class and each brought a little something that got my attention at various times

Mia Needles

I love watching girl's do exciting and entertaining things, I love watching their athleticism and competitive spirit but more anything, I love watching smart young player that comprehend the game itself, this camp was full of player like that and this trio was definitely in the mix

Ashley Panem

Here's a quick rundown on what I saw but let me say this. all three can score

Vaszary-5'7 guard- she handled the ball well and knew how to create her shot. Very consistent mid-range jumper and she added a highlight spin move

Needles-5'5 guard- she pulled off the dribble and let it go nicely and she did it enough to let me know it wasn't an accident. Good form and her shot was deadly

Panem-5'2 guard-she got after it on defense and was not only one smallest players at the camp but one of the toughest. Handled well in traffic, knocked the midrange down on the gun and in the game and threw in a few floaters which got my attention