Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alaska duo shine at #JLE6060

'19 Olivia Davies

The two young ladies from Alaska caught my eye right off the top before I saw them play simply because out of the 15 years I've been involved on the girl's side, I had only seen one player from Alaska in person. Olivia Davies and Jahna Hajdukovich showed immediately they knew what they were doing and they were at "The Combine" for a reason.

'18 Jahna Hajdukovich

One thing that impressed me with both players was their ability to get to the basket and as simple as it may sound, I look at how you do it so when I say "impressed" and it's because they understood how to set defenders up, rather than just taking the ball and running to the rim. Davies used her quickness to get out of jams, threw a spin move out there a couple of times just cause she could, that always gets my attention, as well as her floater and defense. Hajdukovich has a lot of upside, loved her going trough the skill sessions as she grasped everything off the top. Showed how to create her shot and knocked down that all so important mid-range jumper numerous times