Sunday, June 5, 2016

@UHCougarWBB Tip Sheet and review coming

Over 100 young ladies participated in the University of Houston's Elite Camp and I made a cameo appearance on a gloomy day just to catch some familiar faces as well as some bright new ones and of course, I left with a smile on my face for numerous reasons. Sierra Cheetham, check and Jasmine Smith, double check, are a couple of talented players I tagged D1 in the 7th and 6th grade respectively, it's all in black and white on here and with the ability to use a search bar, you can pull it up

Sandwiched between the duo is Mikayla Keuhne , a young lady I caught at last seasons Rice Camp and someone I've been erroneously tagging on Twitter because the names were similar but she's solid as I said she was last season

Kyndall Hunter is always a bright spot waiting to happen and she and Raven Adams played with the older girls and blended right in but of course if you follow what I've been saying about them the past two or more seasons, you already knew they would. Anyway, I'll throw something at you in the week but right now, off to Prime Time's Championship Sunday