Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 UNSIGNED PG Dede Dobbins with video @FirstTakeDeee_

There are certain attributes I associate with various players that I've had the pleasure of watching when they first started out and Dede Dobbins first caught my eye when she was around 8 or 9. She was small and feisty and no matter what happened n the floor, be it a missed layup or getting fouled hard, it didn't phase her. Over the years, I continued to observe this young lady and so many times you hear "never takes a play off" well that fits or "I'd go to war with this kid", that too fits but all you need to really know is that she can play

 She's a PG that can run a team, she's a student of the game, HIGH BB-IQ that not only navigates through traffic better than they Prius running from the law on that commercial but seriously she sees the floor and handles the ball, both well, can knock down shots and defends baseline to baseline. Anyone who knows me truly knows I keep it real so here's her reel and TWITTER @FirstTakeDeee_

Dede Dobbins Highlights