Monday, June 6, 2016

Swag Elite show up and out #I10StateLineBattle

So many times I get calls or emails regarding teams I must see because they've done this or that and most of the time the "it's not what you do it's who you do it against" plays a big part in what many think they've done and let me stress one more time that I'm only interested in finding players capable of playing at the next level somewhere, that's it but there's been plenty of buzz about Swag Elite this season and with four players from Katy Taylor HS, I definitely had to catch this squad

Macy Ray is one of those talented Katy Taylor players, I'll come back to her on the Tip Sheet as she's another player I said had D1 written all over her prior to high school. How about Leah Peters? Well the game starts at the one and she was quite impressive at running a team as well as draining the long ball and speaking of long ball, Tristin Scherpereel showed me before this weekend she could do that but her ability to not only create her shot under pressure as well as attack from the wing were definitely pluses for me. The same could be said Alayna O'Connor, who slashed for scores as well as knocked down the long ball so Taylor is definitely a must see for me with these four

Sara Pareja showed a variety of inside moves as well as the ability to face the basket and score. Great hands and footwork are always a plus and when you add the fact that she rebounds on both ends, well the package looks good. Melanie Burgess also did a good job in the paint, with her length she definitely created some problems. Loved the midrange Micayla Weber as well as her ability to finish with contact. Savannah Webster and Hannah Anger both were bright spots as well, showed they could knock down shots and make plays but sum it up, this is a squad that plays hard and won't quit on you no matter what