Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How bout them Hoops #ShowcaseClassic16

I love watching Miya Crump play ball and when she made the Tip Sheet last month, I said she just did things effortlessly and she does. She has the tools to play every position in high school and quite a few depending on where she decides to attend college but the overused phrase "smooth as a silk" definitely applies to her. Deitra and Melodee Jackson don't need three more players with the same last name to make a record because this duo showed they could be a hit as they along with Lauryn Sells and Tiara Hartfield created problems in the paint

How about the heat from Lydia Cooper, Chaunta Thomas and Kirstien Beasley and even without catching Mirackle Sally at all this season, I know what she can do, DAMAGE and just a glimpse of Andria Foreman earlier this season, she along with Colandria Haynes sold me on what they could do last season. Haynes, who I'll forever refer to as  ICE just doesn't melt under pressure, especially at the line and when she told me "I hit em when they count" that was perfect. Elysia Chevalier, Ogechi Nwodo and Briana Cloud, check, double and triple check and since I started with Miya, I'll close with Ireneshia Johnson on the Tip Sheet and say CHECKMATE