Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dallas Skyline @PrimeTimeSportz #SWRegional

Dallas Skyline came to town with a number of up and coming players including Alexis Purcell, the lone 2022 on this 2021 squad however you never would have known by the energy she brought on the floor. This team is one of those baseline to baseline squads, Hannah Savala, Juliana Rodrigues and McKaylin Coffman brought plenty of heat when they were in the game and a variety of combinations seemed to work

Alexzandra Navarette and Alexis Zito showed they could knock the midrange down while McKenna Anderson did a good job attacking the basket. Savanna Minor also showed she could score from the wing and finish with contact as well as shoot the long ball and speaking of long ball, Triniti Helms did that and handled the ball under pressure as she made the Tip Sheet