Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ireneshia Johnson goes completely off #ShowcaseClassic16

Ireneshia and her dad

Several players have shown me they have the "IT" factor the initial time I saw them play and Ireneshia Johnson is definitely one of them. The talented 2017 is probably one of the best players in the state that you haven't heard of so with that being said she's also one of the best kept secrets however this is what I love about her game, she's not like those people on the Direct TV commercials, The Settlers because she was a D1 lock just by dominating in the paint however the Bellaire HS star is dropping the three effortlessly, playing the passing lane and just showing that she can play multiple positions at the next level. Right now the Houston Hoops star gets the star of day one award, I just thought that up, there were many stars at the Showcase Classic and you can check them out via TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, here and I would say on Facebook too but it seems like I can't accept anymore until I delete some and with that being said, let's close with this video and remember IRENESHIA JOHNSON is a BEAST