Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2022 Iyanna McCown #GPRUnderTheRadar

Certain players just have "it" at a young age and believe me with all of my years of evaluating talent coupled with my GPR CERTIFIED 100% success rate of calling them at a young age, Iyanna McCown blew me away after just completing the THIRD GRADE.

I just love watching her highlight videos and just have to trust me, big things are in store for this young lady and here are some of the reasons why. When you comprehend certain things at an early age, you're ahead of the game and when you continue to work on weaknesses, you're way ahead

When you look at how many different ways she can score right now and the only thing that supersedes that for me was, she plays the passing lane. Oh she's doing all of this playing a year up, so........ watch out!!!!!