Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Swag Elite with another impressive performance @PrimeTimeSportz #SWRegional

This is an old team photo from a month ago however what I saw from Swag Elite on that initial sighting simply took me back to yesteryear and the more I see this squad, the more impressed I am by their players who get after it on both ends and never give up and when you have that as well as unselfishness and poise under pressure, you're gonna compete. Okay all that's fine and dandy but you still have to have talent and top to bottom this squad has a variety of players that bring something to the table

Micayla Weber would go off and then Alayna O'Connor until I had problems which one ,#24 or #25 was doing damage and it was both of them. Macy Ray just does what she does, love the set they run where they clear it out for her to attack but each of these three have the ability to do that and shoot the long ball, well add Leah Peters to that list as well as the talented PG keeps showing me something different like Sara Pareja keeps doing which got her on the Tip Sheet


Melanie Burgess, Annabelle Hemphill, Tristin Scherpereel, Savannah Webster and Hannah Agner can all be flip flopped in the mix with no let down. They opened my eyes a month ago and after their performance which led them to the Prime Time Sports SW Regional title in the 11th/12th Grade Division, my eyes are definitely wide open