Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dynasty squad continues to impress @PrimeTimeSportz

Kaidance Glenn made the Tip Sheet from Prime Time this time however several other players stood out on the talented not in high school yet squad. Tykara Robinson is oh so athletic and she just elevates over players for rebounds and she has several tools that make her very exciting to watch, especially in the open court. Then there's Katelyn Alatin who also does a good job n the paint however she's knocking that midrange jumper down consistently every time I see her, well so is Sydney Lamberth and I love seeing players do that but more importantly so do college coaches

Madison Pigman's defense definitely was a good sign as well as Riley Woods and the intensity that Paige Ivanosky Anaya Johnson and Alyssa Henton are a couple of players I've watched multiple times and I love their progression, well that can be said for the whole team and while Skyla Murray and Riley Woods have shown me they can down shots, these are players that I just love watching get after it especially Breelyn Sanborn who is only a 2022