Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 U of H Elite Camp


Good seeing many of the young ladies I've been watching for what seems like forever like the Cy Ranch duo of Arianna Whitfield and D'Asia Collins simply put on an opening day show at the University of Houston Elite Camp and they join Jasmine Smith, Treazure Mouton and Sierra Cheatham as young ladies that I said would be D1 players before they even entered high school, their progression would determine where they landed and trust me they will all land on their feet

Several club programs were heavily represented and with over 125 campers, I got tired of counting, there were definitely some heat. I mean I go to one gym and it's loaded with stars of the future, Kaley Perkins, Jaelyn Dunn and Trinity Curry, the latter two I just dropped a tip sheet on and how about I move over and catch Tia Tolbert and Karyn Ford doing their thing

I move again and see Genelle Green drop one from half court and Aiken Semones drop one from the Frenchy's down the street and I'm somewhat speechless, well that is until R'Mani Taylor stepped on the court. Many of these names you may not know about however usually you can type a name in the search bar on just about every player that has come through this city and see what I said


After another long walk I run into Priscilla Williams, you know I said big things were in store for this 2020 last season when I say it........ Camryn Brown was definitely a pleasant surprise as well as Mya McMillan but I guess the biggest surprise of all, well not to me, was how the 2021 duo of Raven Adams and Kyndall Hunter performed against the older players and if you didn't know they weren't in high school, you definitely know now as they definitely showed they belonged