Thursday, June 16, 2016

Talent invading New Caney for #PrimeTime Southwest Regional Championship

Deyona Gaston is one of the top 2020 players in the COUNTRY, you just gotta do two things when I say things like that, trust me and archive what I say because she's going to make a legitimate run at MDAA honors among others. Her HTX squad is loaded with talent in fact multiple HTX teams will be on board for Prime Time's Southwest Regional Championship and trust me, it's talent across the board

Aggieland will be down with multiple teams as well, I already know several of their players as well my taking another look at SWAG ELITE but as I glance over the schedule, I'll be pretty darn busy looking for new talent and I've heard so much about AHE Elite that I just can't wait to see them. Remember it's kind of hard for me to do my job without an accurate roster because once I get into the flow of putting things out, I like to keep it rolling

With that being said, PLEASE send in your rosters and I mean complete rosters to