Friday, June 24, 2016

Showcase Classic June 25-26 @Scarborough HS

Well the best way to be seen by me is to be where I am and I'll get a chance to see some fresh new faces as I'm dating my scouting service after each tournament. 2017 Amanda Figueroa (Runnin Rebels) and 2018 Tia Tolbert ( Katy Rebels Tolbert) are a couple of GPR Under The Radar players I'll be seeing for the first time this season but what better time than right before they take their shows on the road for the viewing period

Hearing a lot of buzz about Hitchcock Select, I'm eager to see as well as a host of other teams and always remember, I cover an event like a blanket, providing I have what I need and that's usually paper, pen and a COMPLETE ROSTER. Games start at 8am or my name ain't SIM