Thursday, June 16, 2016

2019 Charlene shows Mass array of ways to score

I've watched Charlene Mass for around three or four seasons, multiple Hoop-A-Holics camps, club ball and more recently with her San Antonio Madison high school team and guess what, she is doing what I love to see in a player and that's show progression. The first time I saw her, I knew she had the ability to play college ball and over the years, what level she could play at kept rising up so when you check out the video, you'll see this young lady not only knows how to put the ball in the basket but she does it multiple ways with either hand

I mention "fast" and "fast with the ball" a lot and the latter simply means you are almost or just as fast dribbling, under control. with the ball as if you were running baseline to baseline without it, Mass is fast and fast with the ball. She's been upgraded on the Girlz Prep Report Scouting Service as more than just a D1 player however this GPR Under The Radar player is nowhere near the finished product and I'll be catching her and her progression with her Lady Thunderbirds club team soon