Monday, June 27, 2016

Hitchcock Select #ShowcaseClassic16

When you can shoot like multiple players on Hitchcock Select can, I'm going to definitely look and be impressed but when you can score from your knees like Irish Winn, you're going to make a GPR Tip Sheet. Okay I'm embellishing the story just a tad but who knows, she scored every way imaginable and usually even when I'm wrong, I'm right


Tierra McDaniel and Breonna Scott both have strokes from waaaaaaaay out, McDaniel does a good job mixing it up from long, mid and off the dribble and Scott can launch it from everywhere and when you can drop a step back three consistently, all I can say is wow. I had heard so much about this team, I hear  a lot about a lot of teams and I was glad I finally had a chance to see this squad get after it

Taylor Kendrick attacks at will and can score with contact, Krystal Oliver's length is definitely an asset , Taivionna Daniel, D'Aveon Bell and Sierra Evans, check, double and triple check because no matter what combinations you see on the floor, they simply play hard. play smart and do it going baseline to baseline
TraCoreia Ward also used her athleticism well on both ends, numerous steals led to easy baskets and that first step is hard to deal with but that can be said for many of these young ladies who just use a variety of weapons to get it done which is what I can say about DeAjia Williams, she has a variety of weapons to just get it done