Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ASA @PrimeTimeSportz #SWRegional

You have to realize I'm a very complex guy and when you throw in nostalgic as well as sentimental, well it kind of tears me up as I watch many of these kids grow up right before my eyes. ASA , formerly TWELVE , has some players I met while my daughter played at Texas A&M and I'll never forget almost 10 years ago seeing Precious and Treece Daily, who are heading to the 9th and 10th grades respectively, wait a minute, man I am old, but you get the picture.

Darby Hurley, Sailor Smith and Lauren Peters have all shown they could shoot the ball while Treece Daily just brings so much energy on both ends and can score multiple ways. Love the way Hurley has added even more to her offensive repertoire as she did a good job of not only creating her shot but attacking the basket but let me say this, I see improvement in all of the young ladies I've watched over the years from this organization

Kaylea Walker was a bright spot as she and Zaria Richards kept things going smoothly . Jocelyn Young and Shakira Rayford also brought plenty of heat baseline to baseline and LaTayvia Byrd just soars over opponents. She's a battler on the boards and can finish but battling and finishing doesn't stop there as Shakayla Burns makes the Prime Time SW Regional Tip Sheet