Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 HBU Camp had many stars of the future


The names were somewhat overwhelming as talent from various classes invaded Sharp Gym for the annual HBU Elite Camp. I knew the vast majority of players like Rory Harmon, a young lady I said was a can't miss four years ago, she's a 2020 or how about Mikayla Hutchinson who I knew had a shot at being a D1 player when she was 10. Then you had Jada Malone, a talented 2021 who is already over the magic number of six feet and speaking of 2021, Ashton and Addison Poth both caught my eye three years ago and a growth spurt later, they're on the verge of doing big things. With so much talent, I wish I could've made both days but here are some of the standouts I caught on day two


Madison Miller-never takes a play off, high BB-IQ, scored and defended well

Micayla Weber-relentless scorer and defender sort of sums her game up, she can go



Oni Bodoo- powerful in the paint, rebounded well on both ends, finishes strong

Madison Griffon-does a number of things well but loved watching her create and score multiple ways

Jordan McClenton-explosive jumper, strong finisher, runs floor and rebounds well

Brittany Schnaebel- scores multiple ways, sees the floor well and handles ball under pressure

Christina Adeniran-defends baseline to baseline, nice midrange jumper and can score off the dribble


Danielle Davalos- as close to automatic as they come from long range and I mean catch and shoot

Savannah May-first step is a killer, nice stop and pop in traffic

Cassidy Howard-plays one way, hard and can either finish with contact or drain long and mid shot

Brielle Hampton-talk about a long ball shooting exhibition, in game situation at that. She's long, knows how to get shot off and can drain it from, well anywhere


Gracen Williams-so much poise at this age is sort of scary, well for defenders. Can flat out shoot

Jaedyn Dunn-so far ahead of the game it's scary, loves being in pressure situations and delivers

Samantha Simmons-nice pull-up and continues to hit acrobatic shots from any angle