Monday, June 13, 2016

Honey Badgers get after it @PrimeTimeSportz

I'm always explaining my primary purpose of doing what I do and in case you don't know, that purpose is finding players capable of playing college basketball at some level. I throw this hashtag,, well I've been throwing it around for what seems like forever #TalentIsEverywhere and providing I have what I need, like a roster on order to know who the players are, it's a wrap and no matter what anyone believes or thinks, the vast majority of players have a better chance of being EVALUATED an event I'm covering than anywhere else, it's just that simply and either you get or you don't

I had a chance to get a pretty good look at the Honey Badgers this past weekend and left with a pretty good idea on what the players could do as well as the potential they possess over the next few years, keep in mind they're about to enter high school and all I can say that they definitely showed they have ability. Audrey Andrews impressed me so much on opening day, I tabbed her for the Tip Sheet I'll be putting together after I catch my breath from this weekend, you can catch that on my website , keep in mind it's probably a good idea to follow me on social media , Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook which i almost maxed out

The more I watched, the more I was sold on Sophia Christiansen because she has size, was physical and finished with both hands, all good for the picture but when she dropped a three, the picture looks even bigger and brighter. Brianna Blackshear also showed she could bang on the inside and face the basket and score, I've seen both Taylor Thomas and Serenity Van Sant i the past, I know both are promising players but I don't recall seeing Yarali Santillan who wears the number my daughter wore in club ball but I did enjoy watching her create her shot under pressure. I also hadn't Brooke Bailey but her ability to zig zag through traffic while dribbling and also seeing the floor was definitely another bright spot