Tuesday, June 14, 2016

'21 Houston Lady Roadrunners @PrimeTimeSportz

I sort of knew what to expect when I looked at the bracket and I made it a point to wait on the Houston Lady Roadrunners 2021 squad. I had already seen a clip of Glenda Chatman, a talented up and coming guard that showed she could knock down the long ball but watching her play in game situation let me know she was more than a one dimensional player and with that being said she made her first GPR Tip Sheet

I tweeted Bre'yon White is DYNOMNITE and with that being said she's on the verge of exploding because when you combine size and athleticism along with the ability to get to the rim and finish, good thing will be happening. Mekkah Johnson definitely falls into the #sizedontmatter category, she plays with passion and she can play. Rachel Anderson and Kyrah Lermon also are long and definitely showed me they have the potential to create some problems on the inside

Long and athletic also applies to Trayauna Fisher whose four inch growth spurt had me scratching my head on who she was until she smiled. She smiled again after dropping a three on her first shot attempt, love the way she was around the ball as well. Meah Williams showed power in the paint and Sarolyn Charles is ahead of the game not just because she's fast but she's fast with the ball and the talent across the board on this young team will do nothing but improve