Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lake City impressive @PrimeTimeSportz #SWRegional

Coach told me his girls asked him what they had to do to get on website and he told them win!!!!!
Well that's all good but the key is to play in front of me, have a roster and show me on the court what you can do, I really don't care about who wins or loses these games anymore, trust me I used to but I'm looking for next level talent as I continue to be a liaison between HS and college for many

Did Lake City bring some heat, well they certainly had better since no boudin or cracklin was given to me and when you cross that state line and have me a care package, that also will get you some pub. I definitely enjoyed watching this team play, I love teams that battle and play hard baseline to baseline the whole game no matter what.  Kristen Broxton is one of three 2021 players on this 2020 squad and she and Anlyanna Brooks definitely showed they could bring heat

Brooklyn Cousin finished strong and defended well while Maggie Bruchhaus and Summer Caesar used their size and body quite well for their ages but the upside, not only from these three, but the whole team sort of tells me I need to keep watching them. Jada Gasaway is just bursting with energy and athleticism while Ariyon Artis can attack and shoot the long ball, plus play the passing lanes.

Artis and Destiny Peltier are the other '21's on the squad, Peltier runs the one with precision and can score off the dribble while doing a good job creating for both her and her teammates. What else can Artis do? Well make the Prime Time SW Regional Tip Sheet