Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Skyrise 2019 @PrimeTimeSports #SWRegional

I always have enjoyed watching Chyndall Daniels play, love watching her younger sister who is filled with so much potential, I even enjoy watching her year old baby sister snatch grapes because quick hands at a young age are a good sign. Another good sign is the progression Daniels made from last summer to HS and now this where she seems to be defying gravity for baskets on her talented Skyrise squad

Talk about improvement, Melanie Wenkebach, who was nursing a minor injury and didn't play this weekend, along Haley Wesley have taken their games up so I see their hard work is paying off. New addition Summer Hubbard also has been working on her game as it translates to the court which is what you want it do

Janil Joseph and Shaniya Klauser have looked good this season, so has Jayda Kmiec, Toni Ricks and Alexia Mason but one of the biggest surprises of the tournament for me was a player that evidently I hadn't seen or seen enough of but I had to get up and find out who Zaire Banks was and let me tell you, oh wait, check her out on the Tip Sheet