Monday, June 27, 2016

Katy Rebels Tolbert #ShowcaseClassic16

I've been watching GPR UNder The Radar Tia Tolbert for quite some time, let's see, she a 2018 and I've been seeing her since before middle school, well I think I may need to use some of that common core to get the exact date but then again it doesn't matter because I've seen progression every time I watched her play and whatever I thought was lacking, she has worked on it and one of those thing was being aggressive on both ends, well she's in July form and we'll revisit her on the Tip Sheet

Her backcourt mate Kierra Flowers has always been fun to watch, this kid has played after breaking her finger and most recently getting cut on a play but she just smiles and drops numbers. Overly impressed with the work ethic Alana Ervin and Mariel Wade, who simply loves to bang in the paint and can shoot it, while Ervin can stretch the defense with the long range, same can be said for Alana Ervin

BIG S/O to Under The Radar Sydney West, she definitely is showing me she has the tools to play at the next level because one of the things you need is a great work ethic, the second, be coachable and comprehend what you are hear is in there as well but with you combine that with her skill set, I've been watching her for three years and I know she's been working, she's going to get this done, trust me. Kristin Pottter  did some big things on both ends, love players that find ways to score and she did just that as well as she wouldn't back down