Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under The Radar Dasia Johnson seals deal

Hutto's Dasia Johnson is all smiles as she signs with Eastern New Mexico. I caught Johnson a couple of seasons ago and knew she could go however after seeing her this past summer with Austin Elite, I saw things I didn't see the first time around. First of all she's one of if not the best catch and shoot player in the state, well with accuracy and when you open a game at 9 am with five threes in the first two minutes, well read more

Over the past five seasons, I've helped countless players receive more than what they had on the table, I'm talking about in the hundreds and over 90% decided to play at the next level. Here's the deal, I actually watch the kids and know what I'm looking at and my record simply speaks for itself. Believe what you want when you receive mass emails or letters from those saying this or that however if I don't feel I can help your kid, I won't waste your money