Monday, November 24, 2014


Sometimes I just laugh myself silly at the nonsense however I truly understand a parent feeling their kid isn't getting attention or notoriety that they deserve, believe me I get it but here's the difference. I wanted my daughter to go against the top players and teams, she was ranked from the low teens to the top twenties back in 2007 so I could see for myself and even though the team lost, her dropping 40 and 32 against Georgia Metros who has double digit D1 players including one of the best players I've seen in my life Maya Moore, that sort of solidified me going off on message boards with folks, well going gangsta would probably be more the way to describe it. She also went against the top ranked point guard at the time and the first three plays of the game stole the ball from her for baskets which brought then grassroots director out of the stands and told the club coach to take her out, all of this stuff happened in front of over 100 college coaches.

The main thing is I was right about everything I had said about her and I'm usually right about whatever I say because I say what I feel and I'm going to give an honest assessment on a player no matter what because it's the right thing to do. Since I'm on the "I'm always right bandwagon" things going in the stands are probably not beneficial to some of the kids on the court, I'm just keeping it real and giving you what I always give you, valuable information of relevance so people watch, people talk and college coaches see everything and if you think I'm lying, one even commented during my daughters recruiting process on how she not only supported her teammates but got up and had water waiting for them when she was off the court. Many think their kids are "can't miss" however actions on and off the court from players and parents, well............