Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#FBISDTournament Friday night possibilities

Cases can always be made for whatever rankings, all tournament teams, preseason and postseason teams and believe me I get it because a lot of this stuff had me wondering but I knew how to verbalize and justify bu using common sense and putting it into words. Neither Jaelyn Richards or Faith Cook were mentioned among the Top 15 players in the area but I get a chance to watch the players play and of course I actually know what they're doing. Richards is one of the best "TRUE" points in the area, she's electrifying and has makes her teammates better, plus she can defend and her IQ on the floor is of Basketball Mensa proportion

Dekaney has knocked off some heavy hitters already and they're on a collision course to play Seven Lakes Friday night at 7:30 in the quarterfinals at Hopson. Katy Taylor and Hightower along with Bush vs either Kempner or Kingwood in the other game at Hurricane central, I'm guessing folks and the great news is that all three are right by each other so do I rearrange my schedule, who knows