Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2019 Cassidy Salyer will be at #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Another young lady who's name made say hmmm when I saw it on the registered players for the December 13 HoopAHolics Camp in Duncanville was Cassidy Salyer. I made it a point to catch the young lady after seeing her and a teammate walking through the gym and I asked them could they play and Salyer responded you need to come to our game or something like that but nevertheless, I did, they could and that's my story, well actually this is read more

This young lady has a very bright future based on what I saw as well as many others sso let me get that #TonsOfTalent ready to go along with whatever else pops into my head because they'll be ready but the question is will you and if so, click that link below