Monday, October 20, 2014

Yates, Chavez, Concordia #GreaterHoustonInvitational

Tiara Marbley and Kristina Battle were a couple of guest players for Yates, Marbley at 6'2 has continued to improve over her career as well as Battle who is a few inches shorter but both definitely made their presence felt during the event. The actual Yates squad had several speedsters and that along with their athleticism created some issues when they pressed. Yates also had some kids that could shoot the long ball as well as attack and finsih

Chavez had a couple of guest players also, the Gregory sisters from Westside and they will play a huge part in whether or not the Wolves win district this season. I'm not familiar with the Chavez players, well except one and that's freshman Stacy Rios. Rios has done tons of growing up over the past two seasons and her ability to not only stretch the defense but distribute will help Chavez who has talented kids

Concordia Lutheran is sort of in a rebuilding stage, well sort of however they have some transfers and newbies that will again have them giving the larger public schools fits along the way. You can almost forget about offensive rebounds with Lindsay Treadway and Ally Welling, both over 6'2, controlling the inside and with the ever game changing Sydney Mackzo, be ready for the Crusaders