Thursday, October 2, 2014

D1 Shooters are clearer than 2020#TheLastRun

Tyler Jackson simply does something very well at a very young age, she knows how to find ways to put the ball in the basket. She can stroke from 45N heading back to the Dallas area or she can blow defenders and do some acrobatic things. This D1 Shooters squad is a very talented group of players from the 2020 class, only exception is Kendra Gillespie, 5'10 and 2021, need I say more. Zoe McCray at 5'11 is already playing bigger.

Gabby Mureeba always brings it hard, she's fierce on both ends and won't back down but you have an abundance of talent on this team that won Prime Time Nationals. Brianna Tubby and Kiersten Anderson show me something different each time I see them while Kiersten Anderson and Taylor Morgan continue to show me they are more than just capable scorers. Yazmyn Posada, Taylor Hurst and Neveah Tot keep getting better, well all of these young ladies are and they're simply a joy to watch because there is nothing like watching young players not only who are skilled at this age but comprehend the game