Thursday, October 2, 2014

Skyrise stock rises #TheLastRun

When you have an interior like this on a team full of middle school players, wait hold up, hold up. When you have an interior filled with players who are AHEAD of where they should be in middle school, good things will normally happen even if you don't have guard play, but the Houston Skyrise has all that and then some. Amanda Ferry, Alecia White and Elizabeth Scott are all around the magic number, aka 6'0, and that virtually assures a player of landing a college gig after HS is over. Scott has BCS interest as I type, White and Ferry are D1 locks as well and when you add 6'1 Ashley Daniel to relieve one of the, that's four bigs and all are going play Division 1 basketball and folks I can call this in my sleep

Bre Bookman is a tough defender and simply overpowers guards offensively with her strength, good ball handler and a huge upside. Mckenzie Green blew me away as a 5th grader, I didn't call her a lock but I knew she'd be close, well her hard work and that step back she's developing are pretty impressive. Halle Jones continues to simply make things happen on both ends and the thing I truly like is watching her run the team and think the game but I also like watching Kate Petrovic drop the long ones. Anna Chong and Allie Byrd continue to progress on this talented 2019 group that had coaches beaming ear to ear, college coaches folks