Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Manvel capable of making another run #CyFairClassic

I guess this would apply to a number of things but success simply pops into my head and after knocking at the door, then beating on the door, well Manvel kicked that, uhhh, door in last season and even though they lost a talented group of players which include MDAA Brianna Turner (Notre Dame) and Rangie Bessard (Minnesota) they still have MDAA lock Jordan Hosey and a host of other players ready to show they can get this done

Hosey is a beast, a warrior and someone that can explode for 20/20 at the blink of an eye but please don't close your eyes on the others. Arianna Sanders has continued to develop her game and she sees everything, including me tripping in the bleachers last season, I assured her I was okay and said I had just left happy hour but her hours are being super happy as the offense has caught up with the defense. Lauren Taylor was huge on Sunday, she simply was jumping out of the gym and when she and Ameya Jackson get hot from the outside, that opens up everything else, When you add that together, along with the continued improvement from Ally Caudill on both ends, well you just never know