Friday, October 3, 2014

Celtics bring a little of everything #TheLastRun

Jay Z had a hit song called Girls, Girls, Girls and the WP Celtics had a hit with GPR because of Guards, Guards, Guards because they just kept coming with multiple combinations and as I always say, if you bring the pressure you better be able to handle it and if you don't bring it, you really better be able to handle it. Valerie Nesbitt, Tania Willaims Inesha Dowell, Lore'yonah Clark and Breynna Redmon just swarmed defenders and attacked from everywhere

Keyondra Merrit played bigger than 5'11, maybe it's because she wears the number of my favorite show 24 but she did same "save the day" stuff as well. 6'4 Nyasia Dailyused her body extremely well but the hit that went platinum had to be Shalonda Neely who also made the always important GPR Tip Sheet

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