Thursday, October 2, 2014

SA Finest brings Red , White and (Blue) Diamond to #CYFairClassic

Actually the Finest brought the Red, White and Diamond teams but I was on a roll and even though I' not a gemologist, just a Simologist and like the Blue Diamond, I possess something that is also rare, the ability to spot can't miss players at a young age and Ray Caldwell has had a plenty including his own daughters.

This particular weekend the Finset blew me away with the Red tea and although I was all to familiar with the exciting young talented players like Corina Carter and Reagan Heun, Taylor Green's physicality was definitely a huge bright spot but the brightest of all had to be PG Angel Hastings and I tweeted she's no Angel on the court. Picture a highlight waiting to happen from a #SizeDontMatter guard who has already mastered the floater with either hand, getting to wherever she wants against whoever and can drop it from just about anywhere off the dribble or by taking defenders

Then I had a chance to watch Diamond and although I knew about Toni Cuellar, who has had another growth spurt and Miss Three Point Queen Kaitlyn Ghavidel who can simply put on a show, the progression from Alyssa Adams truly caught my eye and with her athleticism and upside, she's also 5'11, big things are coming her way. Kandyn Faurie as a big surprise as she found ways to score from the wing and in the paint however the biggest surprise was Vanessa Oyola. I already knew she could play and was definitely a next level player put after she hypnotized me with her ball handling and pinpoint passes, you know threading the needle with bullets, the only thing left was for her to show me she could shoot it and she did, and as a bonus she also used that ball handling to get to the rim with ease

6'3 Sara Lewis joined the White and she, 6'2 Nalyssa Smith and 6'1 Makala Mabry formed an impressive front-line. Lewis can bang or go finesse but she knows how to score multiple ways. Smith is turning into a beast, her desire to be better shows each time she steps on the floor but the main thing is she's under control and wants it. I hadn't seen much of Mabry nor 5'10 Maalena Almanza however with their size, they're more than serviceable players who can create issues