Monday, October 27, 2014

There was a Routt at 2013 #HoopAholicsCamp

I get so much pleasure than watching players go at it on the court and what gives me even more is watching them progress over the years. 2018 Shae Routt has done just that over the past three years as she heads to Kempner High School to play for her mom,, Coach Erica Routt, but that's only part of Shae's story as she, like Charli Collier, has already committed to Texas, which happens to be the same school her mom played for

She's around 6'2 and has also expanded her game from just being a back to the basket player and last season she played just about every position at the Hoop A Holics Camp and played them all quite well. I'll be catching up Shae shortly and whole lot over her career but new stars are ready to step up and be seen at this seasons camp which is in Duncanville, TX on December 13th so assure yourself a spot, it's going to be hot