Monday, October 13, 2014

#QueensOfTheDistrict gives a preseason glimpse of D-21

Alyssa Okene (North Shore)

The Queens of the District preseason event was filled with talented players from various teams and although the majority of the teams weren't at full strength, I saw enough to know that there will be some exciting match-ups throughout the season and you better be ready when the playoffs hit because anything can happen so be ready for the ride as I look over the district and even though I haven't seen Baytown Sterling, Beaumont Westbrook, Deer Park or LaPorte, I had a chance to see three of the top teams in the district

Jakeria Ford ( PA Memorial)

North Shore, Port Arthur Memorial and Channelview all participated in the event, all three are in District 21 (6A) and that district will be popping. North Shore and PA Memorial had several key players however Loyola commit Kayla Mack  and Alyssa Okene held the fort down for the Mustangs with some added help from several young guards including Madison Francis. I tweeted Jakeria Ford was a beast and she and Downtown Vicky Brown were among the players on hand for the Titans who will do some damage along the way

The always improving Taylor Alexander had a monster year in club ball and Channelview has the nucleus to pull of some surprises with an exciting and energetic back-court from Marshell Hollins and DD Dobbins plus one of the top freshmen in the area, Ari Taylor. Several districts could go down to the final week for a playoff spot and a few districts actually have a shot at two teams making it to at least the Elite 8 and D-21 is definitely one