Monday, October 20, 2014

The worst thing is to be uninformed and misinformed

I'm simply amazed at some of the things I hear when I talk to parents and whats even more amazing is some of the stuff they tell me, especially when it comes down to services helping their daughter. Folks if someone tells you they can help your daughter get to the next level, sight unseen, unless she's way above the magic number of six feet, red flags should go off

I don't care if your daughter is receiving letters left and right from colleges, I've stated several times that I've received letters over the years telling me how well I played and even though I didn't play, nor am I female, it sort of lets me set the stage. I've had parents tell me, "well my daughter is only a junior" sometimes leaves me speechless because I've laid out the percentages and unless your child is a "can't miss" you should be concerned

Girlz Prep Report gives honest evaluations, the number of kids I've assisted is mind boggling and some of those had nothing on the table so before you're fooled into believing something that isn't true and once again, although tons of people are giving advice, I've been through this and not just with my daughter, who was a can't miss, but with numerous Under The Radar players who could play somewhere

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