Friday, October 3, 2014

Stars vs Boo highlight #TheLastRun

The Houston Stars were a team formed just for The Last Run and it featured Texas Top 100 2016 guards Angela Harris and Faith Cook along with 2015 standouts Jayla Calhoun and the two Bernesha's Coleman and Peters. This team hung with Boo till about the 10 minute mark as the heat got completely turned up. The amazing Megan Walker simply got it done effortlessly and Jovelyn Jones put on a show as well but this is a national team and for the stars to hang as long as they did was good to see

Another bright spot was the coming out party for 2018 Demaya Telemaque who was virtually unknown to me because she wasn't on a club team so yall can go scramble and fight over this one because she has national potential. Harper Birdsong, Xaria Wiggins and Kayla Ballard all took turns for Boo as well as Gadiva Hubbard and Erin Whalen and when you have that type of firepower, well it can create some problems.

Boo's Cierra Crudup joined the Stars Telemaque on the Tip Sheet

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