Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tip Sheet Chrarli legend starts now for Barbers Hill #CyFairClassic

Charli Collier already has decided on where she'll attend college and as I keep hashtagging she's #HookEm ready right now, that might sound like I'm putting a lot of pressure on a kid who has yet to play her first official high school game. The 2018 phenom can handle the pressure, you better worry about the pressure she's going to apply because as dominant as she is in the paint, her desire to face the basket and score continues to make folks second guess her abilities and did I mention that crossover was becoming a work of art, well yes I did, numerous times

Using the line from Star Kist, there won't be any "Sorry Charli" because providing they stay healthy, this team can make a run and it would be fitting to see Kimberly Carter end her career like she began, at the state tournament championship. Carter is a gifted guard that has shown she can definitely play somewhere after high school and when you throw in Leah Silva who might be one of the most underrated guards in the state, solid Abbey Houghton and "Bombs Away Ballinger" (Taylor) wellthat's a pretty good group but the missing link could be Jakilla Phillips who being tons of energy, more athleticism and can simply make things happen