Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clear Springs turns up the heat #CyFairClassic

I recall going off on a parent that made a comment to me "I know you're going watch Clear Springs in Austin because they're your favorite team" a couple of seasons ago and I responded "well that's a stupid statement since I've been going the past decade" but I'm used to people saying stupid things and generally I just smh but to be honest with you, I just love watching intensity and action and like I said about this years North Shore squad, when you have teams that can bring heat, you better be able to handle it and the Chargers definitely can put some pressure on anyone

Tasharian Robinson continues to elevate among the top guards in Texas, that first step was already a blur but watching her develop not only the crossover but her midrange game has been something to see. She's already one of the top DEFENSIVE players in the state and with her and Sierra Cheetam, whose long ball game evolved over the summer, as well as Janay Redic, that's three solid 2017's to keep the momentum going and when you add a much improved Adriana Brown to the fold as well as numerous other players, there might be a three way race for first in their district