Saturday, October 18, 2014

Get ready for the Routt #SBISD

Hopefully this analogy works but if you were growing up and you knew what you were getting for your birthday or Christmas but you had to wait on it for what seems like forever, then you'll probably understand how long I've been waiting for Shae Routt to enter high school

I caught her around in the 6th grade and over the years she's continued to expand her game and has gone from being a five to a player that can step out and play the three, on both ends which is very important. Routt continues to grow, on and off the court and will be playing for her mom, Erica,  at Kempner this season

The 2018 star also decided to follow her moms path as she will continue her career at the University of Texas, yes she committed as an 8th grader. Routt is one of the top freshmen in the state, she'll be ready and I'll be ready as well in a few weeks when I catch her at the SBISD Tournament and if you wanna know where I'll be be, you can always find me by clicking