Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 #QueensOfTheDistrict Tip Sheet


I caught Essence Johnson as a freshman at Kashmere and was totally impressed but without a roster or any type of info, I was clueless on who she was until I saw her with with the Lady Houston Phenoms and even though she looked familiar, two minute into the game it occurred to me she was "the girl." The 2015 standout can play multiple positions and at 5'10 plus her long wingspan, she has the tools to be a nightmare trying to hold and score against


Kakeria Ford (Port Arthur Memorial) and Alyssa Okenne (North Shore) have both expanded their games to face the basket and score while Taylor Alexander (Channelview) simply became a beast over the summer so the biggest surprise for me was Eriel Jordan (West Orange Stark) who could simply jump out the gym and while at the height of her jump, she's already mastered something I love to see and that's the ability to hang in the air while defenders come down and score


Someone add Madison Francis (North Shore) to the #sizedontmatter club because, wait a minute, I added her three years ago. What I like about her progression is her tenacity on defense, she's simply everywhere the ball is and her ability to create because despite her size, she understands how to get to wherever she wants on the court. There was a TV show called Spencer For Hire but let me say this Alanna Spencer (Summer Creek) was simply on fire early in the morning. She has a quick release and her ability to hit the midrange consistently is something college coaches are always looking for


Ari Taylor (Channelview)  simply keeps getting better and with her size, strength and work ethic, she has a promising future ahead of her. This is a young lady I've watched for about three years and one thing I'm going to always do is keep it real no matter what and fro where she was to where she is shows she's not only put in the work but comprehends the game ahead of her years. Her maturity on the court is not that of a freshman and her best basketball is ahead that I'm going to "lock" her right now as a legitimate D1 player