Sunday, December 3, 2017

2019 Claire Hale opening up season strong for Brandeis HS #GPRUnderTheRadar

I remember driving to a tournament to see Claire Hale play and in the previous game she had suffered a minor injury which was somewhat noticeable and before the game I told her that if she couldn't play, don't worry because I'd catch her another time and her response was " no, I'm playing" and play she did going off for a triple double and that's how the story starts. Well actually it doesn't because I had seen her play the previous season but the jump she made in that short time was tremendous

Now the talented junior is showing even more improvement for Brandeis HS starting the season off powerful with several double-doubles already including a 19/11 in a district opener against a very talented Stephens squad so @ClaireHale_12 is completing the next level package in more ways than one since not only is she excelling on the court but in the classroom as well and to top it off, she plays in the violin in the school orchestra and with that, I'll close with "stay tuned"