Monday, September 18, 2017

Opening game at #I45Shootout sets the stage

One thing I've always enjoyed is watching the up and coming talented players and I definitely have a knack for noticing the "can't misses" and those who have next level potential and contrary to rumor, I haven't been wrong yet so if I say it, I usually print it and with a 2nd grade education, the use of the search bars on here or my website sort of solidifies what I've said and how it's played out. The opening All Star game at PassThaBall's I-45 Shootout definitely had an abundance of college players, most of which still have middle school eligibility left. The Pro Skills trio pictured above from the Metroplex area, Madison Cockrell , Jazzy Owens and Bre Davis certainly caught my eye a few months ago and the progression they continue to make has me sold. My first good look at another young lady from up north, Jerzie Bryant was definitely a good one and the growth from yet another young star from the Dallas area, both height and game, Nyah Wilson left me speechless at times

San Antonio area was also represented with both Sammie Wagner and Gabby Nunez who were a couple of the standouts at the HoopersRUs Camp the day before so I already knew what to expect and to say I was more than pleased would be an understatement. Ja'Shelle Johnson, also from San Antonio, dazzled me with spin moves and step backs as well as an array of ways to score but the talent from Houston was alive and kicking. Aarianna Masters continues to elevate her game, defense sold me early but she's showing more while A'Leah Franklin and Nyahh Threatt have also added even more to their impressive repertoire of finding ways to score but this game definitely was loaded with next level players galore and set the stage for the rest of the day and more time, if I say it, it will happen and the hunger I've seen in these young ladies tell me "una vez mas" #RightAgain

I called Ashlon Jackson one of the top players nationally in the class of 2022 two years ago, that's a done deal folks and she just does so many things at this age you can't teach and with her having another growth spurt and showing she can play multiple positions make her hard to handle. Amani Bartlett was a pleasant surprise when I saw her earlier this season, she's over the magic number of 6'0 and is now showing signs of being able to dominate inside. R'Mani Taylor sold me as a 5th grader, her range is unlimited, great BB-IQ and something else that can't be taught, poise definitely has her "in the mix" nationally. Janae Tucker put on an impressive performance playing up, she's an explosive scorer that understands how to put the ball in the basket multiple ways and what can I say about Dalanna Carter that I haven't said. After seeing what she did over the weekend, in this setting, against this type of competition and being one of the youngest players there, her ceiling is unlimited