Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Diamond In The Rough 2021 Tip Sheet


There was a pretty impressive group of incoming freshmen on hand for PassThaBall's Diamond In The Rough and since this was an NCAA Certified event nicely attended by various college coaches across the country, many of these young ladies definitely raised some eyebrows. I always stress the importance of being "seen" in a variety of settings by those who are actually watching and believe me, I'm definitely watching everyone and when you travel from Haynesville Louisiana like Marissa Tell did, she simply blew me away at Prime Time Nationals, you know you're in for something special and this group definitely was that

Kenadee Winfrey-5'10 guard (Canyon) prototype big guard that can shoot the ball from all over the court but her ability to get to the basket was definitely a plus. Rebounds and defends, long and athletic plus nowhere near the finished product

Bailey Harris-5'8 guard (Wiley) handles ball well under pressure, sees floor and definitely understands the game. Showed she could create shot and hit it consistently

Kayla Glover-5'4 guard (Desoto) been watching this young lady for 4 or 5 years and even at an early age, you knew she was going to bring it. Gets to the rim with ease and can score outside, strong and athletic, loves to defend baseline to baseline

Kendall McGruder-5'8 guard (South Grand Prairie) she's one of those players that just makes things happen and can take a game over multiple ways, either by setting her teammates up for easy baskets or just doing it herself. Huge upside and her explosiveness ....

Masa Al -Noubani- 5'3 guard (Carroll) showed she could the ball well, understands who to get the ball to and when to get it to them but her first step is a monster and she's shown me this numerous times. Gets to basket effortlessly at times for baskets

Jordyn Newsome- 5'8 guard ( MacArthur) showed me so much in a short span that I was even more sold that when I saw her a few years ago. Athletic and gets to the basket at will from all over, finishes with contact, can hit the mid to long range but she plays the passing lane to a tee and defends

Kelsey Boyette- 5'8 guard (Carroll) caught her over the club season for the first time and during the numerous times I watcher her, I saw improvement each time. Definitely showed several signs in this environment, poised under pressure and understands the game

Jordyn Sowell-5'8 forward (Carroll) strong body, loves contact, giving and taking and finishes strong after taking it. Pressure defender that can wear opponent down, rebounds well for her size against bigger opponents

Marissa Tell-5'11 guard (Haynesville) one of the top young prospects I've seen from Louisiana, long and athletic, already "gets it" and with her size and athleticism there is no telling where she'll land. Can score from midrange, slice to the basket from the wing and post up underneath

Paulina Porter- 5'9 guard ( Flower Mound) she can definitely overpower defenders with her strength, understands how to create and finish strong with contact or hit the shot from outside. Rebounds and defends well

Haley Allen- 5'6 forward ( Lewisville) good athleticism, can defend " however you want it" on perimeter, under the basket or baseline to baseline. Good energy, showed she can score in traffic plus rebounds well

Trinity White - 5'9 guard (McKinney) "powerful" fits for numerous reasons. Strong body enables her to do many things, she loves the contact and with her ability to set defenders up already, she keeps them guessing because she can face the basket and score or take the lick for and ones

Check out the video below and PassThaBall events coming up HERE