Sunday, November 12, 2017

Diamond In The Rough MS Tip Sheet

One thing you can always count on from a PassThaBall event is catching some up and coming talent as well as established stars with many players on the verge of breaking out and I'm going to break the Tip Sheets down from the Diamond In The Rough Event because the three players above fit everything I mentioned her events cover. When I first saw Jazzy Owens, Madison Cockrell and Breanna Davis,  felt like these young ladies were on the verge of breaking out, the talented trio of 7th graders showed me something different each time I saw them play and I knew they were all up and coming talents that were on the verge of breaking out. As the season progressed, the more I watched them in different settings and at the All Star game PassThaBall held in Houston,  I said they were all D1 locks however the performance these young ladies gave at the #DIR let me add I've thrown away the key because there is no telling how high these talented guards can go at the next level

Madison Cockrell-explosive first step, attacks basket from every angle and finishes strong with contact. Nice midrange game and can shoot the long ball but ability to create shot against taller and older players while shooting with accuracy during event told me even more about this young ladies ability and future

Jazzy Owens- plays passing lanes to perfection, loves to take defenders off dribble and is able to finish strong with either hand. Shoots the ball well from all over the court, loves the pressure and wants to take "the shot" in crunch time. Tenacious defender baseline to baseline but her body control on the offensive end is ahead of her years

Breanna Davis- did some things the first time I saw her that left me speechless and I think I tweeted "poised beyond her years" but she loves the physicality, either giving or taking and she can overpower from the guard spot now. Understands the simple things to a tee as well as the heard ones but that explosive jumper keeps shining from every imaginable spot

I'll drop the HS version over the next couple of days, until them enjoy the video by clicking here  and don't forget to sign up for Hoop-A-Holics December 10th, early bird registration going on now

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