Monday, November 6, 2017

2017 The Academy Player Development Camp

When you have Chuck McCowan and Marcus Peoples throwing an event, I'm definitely going to try and make it because I truly love teachers and those who are able to break things down where players can comprehend what's being taught, not a lot of that going on contrary to popular belief, and the game has been hurt in the area because of it. Some might have other opinions however mine are the only ones that matter in this case because I've been doing this since last century so I kind of might know what I'm talking about for numerous reasons

Let me start off with the incoming freshmen group of young ladies, many of which have already sold me early.


Timberlyn Criswell's athleticism and ability to score multiple ways has always been something to see but her defense has gotten better and she's hard to handle period.
Kamari Portalis can stop and pop or drop long range, finishes strong with contact and just brings heat baseline to baseline and her upside is nowhere near the finished product
Kyndall Hunter is in the background but she's also one of the top guards in the state, right now, and I called her a BCS lock years ago, whenever I'm wrong about a player please let me know but she can just take over a game whenever she wants
Aiken Semones has benefited from a growth spurt , her strongest asset years ago was shooting the long ball however improved ball handling,defense & ability to see the floor, well progression is showing
Haleen Harris has made one of the biggest jumps over the past two seasons, this young lady never takes a play off, loves to defend and is scoring from outside as well as attacking basket
Jada Malone also keeps getting better. Got her feet wet playing against much older girls on the circuit and saying she held her own would be an understatement. She's 6'3, great hands and footwork but her ball handling and outside shooting as well as rebounding and finishing will have her on many college short lists
Sammy Meyers nice pull up, creates well under pressure and definitely understands the game. Love her energy and upside and having a talented older sister helps as well
Riyah Francis talk about opening my eyes on initial sighting, she has good size, already around or over the magic number of 6'0 but her athleticism and energy are great signs plus her shot is fluid and she definitely has some tools to work with


Let me throw this one at you, R'Mani Taylor, another player I said was a BCS lock years ago, could start on many HS varsity squads right now and to be honest, probably make every squad in the area. Poised beyond her years, I've mentioned that as well, she's a player with the "it" factor that has some things in her repertoire you just can't teach. Loved this group of players, Farren Wright, Crishelle Washington, Trinity Santasiero and Jazmyn Williams are showing signs of being among the top 2022 players in the area while Mackenzie Johnson is a 2023 that amazed with the fact that she just started playing and grasping the the concept early


Savannah Smith's strength enables her to overpower guards, on both ends, love her ability to create and pull-up jumper. She's smooth and defends well
Jordan Williams definitely showed me she could get after it. Anticipates passes, vocal on the floor handles the ball under pressure as well and can score
Jaidyn Fontinette I loved that athleticism when I caught her during club season, she slices from every angle for baskets and can shoot the jumper as well as defend
Jaida Herndon consistently has been one of area's best kept secrets, backs down against no one, rebounds and finishes strong but her perimeter defense has taken off as well as ability to face basket for buckets