Sunday, September 10, 2017

Flashback on #I45Shootout stars

Elizabeth Scott, Mackenzie Green, Jasmine Smith and Amanda Ferry

There is nothing more refreshing than watching talented players, especially at an early age and when you have the ability to recognize the ones who will be among the top players down the road like I do, well that certainly gives me pleasure and enjoyment and when you look at the names over the years starting with my own daughter, common sense should kick in but the girl's game has definitely changed, both on and off the court

The Truong twins 

Seeing these six young ladies, all from 2019 with the exception of 2018 Jasmine Smith definitely gave me a boost as I saw many in the 5th and 6th grade and just knew they were not only headed to the next level but were legitimate #D1Locks and as usual I was on point so I was certainly pleased at the hard work and progression these young ladies have put in. For the novice, usually you can enter a players name in te search bar and providing I spelled it correctly, voila, magically things appear but I'll drop a Tip Sheet on PassThaBall's #I45Shootout soon

Taylor Thomas